Passion for Equity and Outstanding
Achievement for All Students

Achieving Exemplary Performance on STAAR and EOC for Students in All Ethnic Groups, Income Levels, LEP and Special Education

Analytics Data

Kilgo Analytics Data workshops will focus on Margaret Kilgo’s current research coding the TEKS/SEs in ELA/R, Mathematics, and Science for alignment with the revised 2016 SAT, the 2014 ACT, Science SAT II Biology, and Advanced Placement (AP) and the STAAR Readiness standards for determining Power College Readiness TEKS/SEs.


Treasure Hunt & Assessment

Begin an outstanding routine for creating common teacher-made tests combining teacher collaboration and planning with treasure hunts for best lessons.


Creating Customized Curriculum Plans

Create customized district curriculum plans using Kilgo research-based curriculum recommendations to accurately address the requirements of STAAR and EOC.



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