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Data-Driven Decisions Workshops

The Kilgo Data-Driven Decisions workshops demonstrate how to use STAAR results as a diagnostic tool for charting students’ academic journey in college readiness, grades 3-12, by analyzing student performance data on the Kilgo-coded Power College Readiness TEKS/SEs for early intervention and identifying gaps in programs and resources.

Power College Readiness TEKS/SEs. The Kilgo Analytics Data workshops focus on Margaret Kilgo’s current research coding the TEKS/SEs for alignment in reading and mathematics, grades 3-12, with the 2016 SAT and 2014 ACT; and coding the Science TEKS/SEs for the Science SAT II and Advanced Placement (AP) in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics…Read More

Creating Customized District Curriculum Plans

Gr. K-12, English Language Arts/Reading, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies

The Kilgo Curriculum Plan integrates the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills/Student Expectations (TEKS/SEs) and AP Curriculum for a comprehensive Curriculum Plan, K-12, to guide classroom instruction and assessment for equity and opportunity for students and to provide teachers with a complete curriculum framework with recommended sequences.

The Kilgo Curriculum Plan is based on the Kilgo Research Model, which was used to extensively research the relationship between TEKS/SEs, STAAR/EOC, AP Curriculum, AP Exam, and SAT for grades K-12.  The research model identified and documented the learning objectives common to both TEKS/SEs and AP Curriculum, and verified the skills and concepts assessed on the STAAR, AP Exam, and SAT. A comparison of student performance data on STAAR and AP Exams identified the lowest-scoring skills common to both exams.

All data input and alignment research and recommendations have been done for you, giving you and your staff quality time for teacher and administrator collaboration and planning to create a unique, stand-alone district curriculum plan…Read more